Three Grammy nominations, 70 million records sold, over 100 gold and platinum album sales certifications and this is just a visible part of the Enigma project mystery.

Founded in 1980’s by a German producer, Michael Cretu, Enigma project ignited the hearts of millions of listeners with unique and iconic sounds that are incomparable to anything else. A synthesis of music styles, Gregorian chanting, ethnic psalms, church bells, organ and other instruments creates very special, atmospheric and sometimes even psychedelic sounds. Overwhelming record sales and yet hidden faces made Enigma one of the most popular and mystifying musical projects of the last decades. The success of Enigma was an inspiration to many artists and producers, including Gregorian project that performs modern pop and rock songs with a Gregorian chant-inspired style. Despite these stunning numbers, the project has never toured or appeared on stage with live shows. Enigma was only a studio project and never planned live performances.