• September 9, 2022

    Andru Donalds speaks about oncoming 2022 tour

    Original Enigma Voices member Andru Donalds, who performed on 5 Enigma albums, arranged and wrote many songs, agreed to peek into the upcoming European tour in November - December later this year.

    We met with Andru in a cozy boutique bar to get insights on Enigma songs presented live, differences between studio work and performing on stage and how the industry has changed during COVID 19.

    - Andru, please tell us what the Original Enigma Voices show is like.
    - I believe that presenting the Enigma experience live with the band & string orchestra is something that's never been seen or heard before. I could describe our shows as magic on stage. We present Enigma songs and share our energy with our fans. We turn the place into a mystical cellar and something beautiful happens at every show.

    - What about studio work? It should be very different to perform live.
    - Right, I really enjoy working in a studio with friends and colleagues. A lot of talented people work in the industry and it's always nice to collaborate and create new material. Live shows are a different kind of experience. We interact with the audience, feel the energy of thousands of people that come to the show, it's absolutely amazing. Every show is an unforgettable experience. Thanks to our fans and management, who make it possible to happen.

    - What has changed during COVID 19 for artists?
    - Considering the complete absence of concerts, during the past few years most artists have lost a significant part of their expected income. These days you have to be creative about finding new ways of interacting with the audience, but at the same time, this is an amazing possibility for creative self-realization.

    - Thank you. Could you say a few more words to the fans?
    - I look forward to bringing this magic to the people. With fantasy and new arrangements & visuals so that the audience will never forget it.

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