• Angel X Exclusive interview
    September 27, 2022

    Angel X in exclusive interview about 90's experience with Enigma

    "I live a pretty normal ordinary life, i like to cook, love italy and travel in general..."

    - Hello Andreas, could you please tell us the story behind your stage name ANGEL X?
    - It was back in the early 90`s. Michael Cretu and i have been searching for an artist name because of the forthcoming first album that Frank Peterson and later Jens Gad produced with Michael Cretu for me. Than on of us, i don`t remember anymore if it was Sandra, Frank Peterson or Michael or me who had that idea to give me the name "Angel X", i think it was when we were sitting together for dinner and than this name came up.

    - How have you started to work with Enigma? What was the first record of Enigma that you took part in?
    - I sang for Sandra on different songs and we worked on my soloalbum "Angel X - Welcome to the soul asylum" in these days and it seemed that Michael liked my voice on these tracks. So he offered me to sing for Enigma. The result was and is my vocals for "Return to innocence" on the ENIGMA "Cross of changes" Album.

    - What is the reason that the project became so popular?
    - I think it was the first time that someone released a kind of chillout-ambient album. Michael was a real pioneer here. That means music which was not arranged like so many other albums before. Michael, Jens and Frank worked with a lot of special sounds, Samples and also Instrumental parts. This mystic touch in the music, especialy the gregorian chants in the hit "sadness" was a brand new style of mucic, that the audience love until today.

    - What was so special about working with Michael Cretu?
    - We worked over many years together, and we had a real good personal releationship. We both love music and football and he was also bit like a "dad" to me in those years. I also had some hard times in these days, sandra and michael have been very loyal to me back in these days.

    - What is the most memorable show in your career so far?
    - I mean every Original Enigma Voices show is something special and unique. That makes it so excitinng for me. Every show is different and sometimes everything just fits together: the audience, the band, our perfomance, the venue and so on. The show in Tel-Aviv in 2019 was great, maybe because it was the last show of the 2019 tour and everything fit together there. We all were very happy there that the tour was so succesful, but also the shows before like Wroclaw had been great too in 2019.

    - Is Original Enigma Voices a live only project? Are you going to release any new material with Andru Donalds and Fox Lima?
    - Right now i`m invited to sing many enigma hits "live on stage" f.e. return to innocence but who knows to write, sing and produce new material for OEV would be a great thing for me.

    - What do you do when not working on music? Who is Angel X in everyday life? What are your hobbies?
    - I live a pretty normal ordinary life, i like to cook, love italy and travel in general, love to write and also listen to a lot of different musicstyles, i like to ski and swim and meditate also a lot.

    - It's been almost 3 years with little to no public events around the world. Are you excited to hit the road again?

    - Yeah for sure we are all of us very happy to be on he road again with the new tour, we had a great show in serbia in 2/22, after we had no shows because of corona fo a long time, so i hope it will be a great tour in 2022 and hopefully another one in 2023!!

    - What do you expect from 2022 fall tour?
    - Hopefully the people will enjoy it as much as they did like us in 2019, maybe even more because of new ideas, new dresses and many more innovations, but too much will not be revealed yet:-)

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